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You already know the case for ‘going green’ in your daily life. You are being marketed-to every day about the benefits of environmental awareness. Some campaigns appeal to your emotions, asking you to “do it because it’s the right thing to do”, but the more effective ones couple that with the practical reasons to try and make a difference.

If you buy compact fluorescent bulbs, the packaging tells you in big letters and numbers what your power savings will be over time. Those bulbs are more expensive, but if you are willing to make a larger than normal investment up-front the benefits will pay off long-term. Not only do you get a bulb that costs less to run, you also get one that is longer-lasting than the filament-based alternative. If you are planning on staying in your house a long time, switching to compact fluorescents is a wise investment. At the end of the day, it’s just the smart thing to do.

The foundation of ServInt’s “Green Initiative” isn’t any different than that. It starts with smart business, pure and simple, and we build on it from there.

Let’s break it down as simple as possible.  Hosting uses enormous amounts of power. We use it to run all our equipment, and to back up that equipment, and to cool that equipment, and so on. Power is expensive, and it’s costs continue to climb. The technology exists to lower the necessary power footprint used by the average hosting client. It requires a larger than normal up-front investment.

But just like the compact fluorescent bulb, it saves money on energy. It also generates less heat, so it costs less to cool. And since temperature (even in highly controlled environments) is a top cause of hardware failure, it breaks less often. That’s why ServInt decided to go exclusively Dell low-voltage on its entire server and VPS host-server line. It was just the smart thing to do.

Our overall power reduction became dramatic when we started developing ‘DSR’ VPS technology – VPS products designed specifically to replace traditional Dedicated Servers. We were able to combine high-end, low-voltage Dell hardware technology with our Parallels Virtuozzo Containers-based proprietary VPS solutions in a way that provided customers with more hosting resources and redundancy than they had when they were in their own servers. That lowered our overall per-user power footprint dramatically.

Now ServInt can do more in a smaller footprint. With our Dedicated Server Replacement (DSR) VPSs, we can give you significantly more hosting capabilities and redundancy  on a VPS than you can get on comparably priced server. Our investments have paid off in tangible ways. By making the right investments, we’ve accomplished goals on a grand scale that are fundamentally no different than the investments you make in switching to compact fluorescents.

Reducing ServInt’s average per-user power footprint is only one component of our much larger Green Initiative, but it’s a vitally important one. Your business can surely take a look at your own operations, and can find ways to invest in ‘going green’, which is quite often synonymous with ‘increasing overall efficiency’.  A lot of ‘going green’ can be accomplished by simply being practical and making smart, forward-looking decisions.

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