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Green is for the family

I often point out that ServInt has more years actively providing service to the industry than many of our competitors do months. ServInt started in 1995, a lifetime ago in this industry. That’s one of the things that makes us better. We have experience that competitors only dream of. Hot ‘up and coming’ providers have come and gone, and we’ve been here to learn from their mistakes (as well as some of our own). We’re the steadfast and reliable alternative to the shiny new kid on the block – the host you can choose and know that they’ll take care of you for years to come, not just through this week’s special promotion.

It was a natural fit to adopt ‘green’ as part of our culture, because longevity and sustainability have always been what we’re about. It’s why we have grown organically without taking on debt to fuel growth. It’s how we survived and thrived through the ‘dot com’ boom and bust.

Above all else, it is our people that set ServInt apart. Because we are a place where you can build a career and a life, we attract the best and brightest. The same culture that embraces ‘green’ embraces the idea of ‘family’, because both look towards what’s right for tomorrow.

Each spring ServInt holds a company picnic. We enjoy the day together, play games and relax. Each year, a few employees pass their ’10 years of service’ mark and receive a company watch. Our dedication to our employees, and to longevity, is palpable. What strikes me more than anything else, though, is just how family-friendly ServInt is as a place to work. Every year I am amazed watching the ServInt family grow. Every year I meet new infants, congratulate newly expectant parents and marvel at how fast the kids I DO know are growing.

Whatever we are doing, we are doing for them.

We call our clients “The ServInt Family” as well, and we are absolutely motivated by what’s right for them. Whether we are making decisions that affect our children, our clients or our clients’ children, we do it knowing that we’re in it for the long-haul. ServInt is a place where people build careers. ‘Green’ is one aspect of that, mostly because it fits in to our long-term strategy – to be your host, and maybe one day your children’s host.

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