Green IT

Happy Earth Day Week from ServInt!

Let’s talk about green…

In celebration of Earth Day, I’ll be writing a few short notes each day talking about what we see as the many purposes of our Green Initiative. I’ll be taking a look at our goals and intentions from a number of different experiences. I want to start the week with a brief outline, and then each day we’ll focus on a different aspect of what ‘green’ means to us here at ServInt.

We all hope you have a great Earth Day Week, and that you think about what ‘green’ means to you in your life.

What follows is a quick preview of my upcoming posts.

Tuesday: Green is for the business

ServInt’s Green Initiative isn’t something we’ve built because we are all granola-fed tree-huggers. It’s something we’ve done because it makes sense – not only for our own business but for client businesses as well. I’ll talk about the business benefits of lowering our per capita power footprint, and about sustainability.

Wednesday: Green is for the home

Each of us approaches ‘green’ in our own way. On Wednesday (Earth Day itself) I’ll talk about some of the things I’ve tried to do in my own life to be more green. Personal experiences play a part in our Green Initiative, and I’ll share my own. My goal is not to evangelize, but just to provide a few more details on my personal perspective.

Thursday: Green is for the family

I’ll discuss what we think about when it comes to making decisions that will affect our families. ServInt has become known as a very family-friendly workplace. Many of us have kids and are building towards a future. We care about the long-term impact of what our company does. When customers sign up, we welcome them to “The ServInt Family”. I’ll talk a little bit about what that means to us too.

Friday: Green is for the future

This post will be a summation of the week’s thoughts. It’ll also discuss some next steps, and will even include a fun announcement. Stay tuned!


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