Control Panel (cPanel/WHM)

How do I change DNS Zone records in cPanel/WHM?

Log into WHM and using the left-hand menu, navigate to Edit DNS Zone under the DNS Functions header. Select your domain and click the Edit button.

Any of the records in the top section can be modified. New records may be added in the blank boxes at the bottom of the page. Note that all domain names (e.g. must be followed by a period in the DNS zone file.

Common records and their functions

  1. ‘A’ records point domains to IP’s:  14400  IN  A

  1. ‘CNAME’ records point domains or subdomains to the other domains or subdomains:  14400  IN  CNAME

  1. ‘MX’ records define where your mail will be delivered to for a given domain:  14400  IN  MX

Note: MX records have to point to a domain, not a IP.

Here are directions for Plesk users.

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