Control Panel (cPanel/WHM)

How do I create a redirect for my domain/URL using cPanel/WHM?

The Redirect feature allows you to send all of the users that access a domain or particular page to a different URL.

For example, if you have a long URL that you cannot shorten, you can add a redirect from a long URL to a shorter URL. Users can then access the content of the long URL via the short URL.

To set up a redirect:

  1. Log into the cPanel account for the particular domain.
  2. Click on Redirects under the Domains section.
  3. Specify what type of redirect you want (permanent or temporary), the source domain, and where you want the source domain to redirect to, and click Add.

Remove a redirect:

From the Redirects section of cPanel…

  1. Click the “X” button that corresponds to the redirect that you want to remove.
  2. To confirm that you want to remove the redirect, click Yes.

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