Control Panel (cPanel/WHM)

How do I preview my domain in cPanel/WHM?

There are two common ways to preview your domain before releasing it to the world at large.


  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Navigate to the Security Center and click on Apache mod_userdir Tweak.
  3. Uncheck Enable mod_userdir Protection and click Save.

You will now be able to preview your domains by going to the following URL: http://YourIPAddress/~username (where “YourIPAddress” is written in the XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX format and “username” is your domain’s cPanel username).

Note: ServInt recommends enabling mod_userdir protection after you are finished.

This first method is not 100% reliable and may not work properly depending on your sites code and your server’s php configuration.

Modifying the hosts file

The Second method is to modify your local computer’s hosts file in order to point DNS for the domain to your new server for only your computer. This method is a bit more in-depth, but is the preferred method to preview sites as it will display the site as if it already resolved properly to your server. Full directions to modify your computer’s hosts file can be found here.

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