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How much does it cost to use ServInt’s Jelastic PaaS?

ServInt’s Jelastic platform as a service is a pre-paid solution that debits your account as you use resources at a rate starting at $.02 US per cloudlet hour and $.0001 US per GB hour of disk.

What’s a cloudlet?

A cloudlet is a unit of measure in Jelastic equal to approximately 128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz CPU processing power. Cloudlets are dynamically assigned to your applications depending on the load at any given time within limits you specify.

How much does ServInt’s cloud cost per month?

Each user experience is different, but pricing is based on two factors:

  • Disk usage
  • Cloudlets

Disk space usage is pretty straightforward. Users are charged $.0001 US every hour for every GB of disk space they use in the Jelastic cloud. This works out to about $.07 US per GB of disk space every month.

Cloudlet usage is a little more complex. It depends on how many environments you have in Jelastic and, ultimately, how many cloudlets those environments use on average over a given month. If you average just one cloudlet per hour over a month, Jelastic will cost $14 to $15 dollars for that month. If you average three cloudlets, Jelastic will cost $44 to $45 for the month.

And remember, few customers will average a steady number of cloudlets over an entire month. Jelastic is an elastic cloud platform that scales on demand. At 4pm one day, your environments might be using five cloudlets. At 2am the next day, traffic may have dropped and you could be using only three.

How to limit the number of cloudlets your environments can use.

Jelastic autoscales to meet load demands, but we understand that your budget may not. Therefore, we have you set a Scaling Limit (maximum number of cloudlets) for each container in an environment. The higher the limit on these dynamic cloudlets, the cheaper they are. In any given hour, you only pay for what you use and never any more than you have set for the scaling limit.

dynamic cloudlets

At setup, or anytime afterwords, you can also configure Reserved Cloudlets. These are a minimum number of cloudlets per container that you agree to pay for in any given hour. You do not need to set up Reserved Cloudlets, but by estimating your usage and agreeing to be billed for that minimum in any given hour, you can save up to 75% on the cost of your cloud deployment.

reserved cloudlets

To configure Reserved and Dynamic cloudlets simply create a new environment in your Jelastic portal or select “Change environment topology” for an existing environment. Then use the cloudlet sliders for each container to configure your Reserved and Dynamic cloudlets.

cloudlet scale

The Resources table to the right side of the window will calculate your Reserved cloudlet minimum totals as well as your maximum potential monthly cost based on your total allowed Dynamic cloudlets. Use the sliders to try different configurations that fit your budget.

reserved totals

You can click “Cost details” to see a breakdown of your potential costs.

Warning: Setting your Scaling Limit too low may cause server instability.

Need more specific cost information?

If you’d like more information on ServInt’s Jelastic cloud usage and actual billing for your specific application, sign up for a free trial. During your free trial, you can view your usage and calculate what your bill would be during the that period:

  1. Log into your Jelastic control panel.
  2. Click on your e-mail address in the upper-right corner and select “View Statistics.”
  3. Next, select start and end dates that correspond to the service dates you wish to sample.
  4. Select “month” for the interval.
  5. Click “Refresh” if necessary.
  6. Once the results appear, expand the view, add up the numbers in the usage column next to the Jelastic symbol and multiply by .02. Then add up the numbers to their left (with a hard drive symbol) and multiply them by .0001.
  7. Add these two numbers together and you will have the cost of your Jelastic deployment (in $US) over the time period you sampled.

As an example, if you have a 10-day sample with a cloudlet total of 1050 and a disk total is 5600:
1050 x .02 = $21.00 US
5600 x .0001 = $0.56 US
The cost of the 10-day deployment would have been $21.56, or about $64.68 US for the month.


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