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How to Succeed in the Hosting Industry: Don’t Suck

Man, there are days when I love coming to work.  I wasn’t sure this was going to be one of them, but a new customer changed all that with what may be the best pre-emptive testimonial we’ve ever received.  In his sign-up form, our new customer, whom we’ll call “MW,” took the time to say:

“After my nightmares with (previous host name deleted), I’m going to go out on a limb and pre-emptively say, ‘thank you for not sucking.'”

MW, I want to promise you, right here and now, that we will do everything in our power to not suck.

Wait a minute: scratch that mealy-mouthed marketing nonsense.  Let me say this instead: MW, we will not suck.  We will deliver what we promised you; we will give you an honest return on your hosting dollar; we will meet or exceed any reasonable service or performance expectation you have.  We will be friendly, we will be helpful, and we will know what we’re talking about.  We will never give you any reason to say:  “man, those guys suck.”

Here’s the deal, though:  you can’t suck, either.  You’ll need to work with us as a partner.  You’ll need to keep your server clean and tidy.  You’ll need to make sure your third-party software is up to date, and that your passwords are secure.  You’ll need to have a backup system for your critical data.  You’ll need to describe any performance issues you see in as much detail as possible, so we can help you quickly and effectively.  And if you’re starting to grow too big for your server, you’ll need to upgrade it.

We’re lucky.  We attract customers who realize that reliable hosting requires a little bit of organization on their part.  They’re smart.  They’re friendly and helpful when working with us on a problem.  They’ve got their act together.  They don’t suck.  We treat each other respectfully, and we call many of them friends.  That’s what we’re going to call you, MW.  Not just a client, or a customer, but a friend.  We’re going to help you grow your business, MW.  We’re going to make you glad you chose ServInt.  I promise you:  we will not suck!

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  1. I like the statement that end users are not just clients or customers but are also friends. And the assurance that both parties are working for the benefit of all.
  2. Thanks for the comment, Shannon. Our ongoing, never-ending quest is to never, ever suck, and having involved, committed, intelligent, non-sucky customers like you makes that easy!
  3. Great points here. We (the site owners) tend to want to blame all our problems on the host and forget that it is a two way street. If I don't optimize my code and databases then no matter how slick the server is, the site will, to use your words, suck. Thanks for the friendly reminder and keep up the not sucking.
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