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How to Update your SSL Certificate to SHA-2 Format

With Google’s decision to sunset SHA-1 SSL certification many clients have inquired about re-issuing SSL certificates in SHA-2 format. For the validity period of the certificate, we are able to re-issue certificates which were purchased through ServInt.

If you’ve purchased a one-year certificate and have six months left until your certificate expires, we’ll be able to issue a new certificate in SHA-2 format for the remaining six months. We are also able to add the remaining months on your current certificate to a new order. For example, if you have two months left on a certificate and wish to purchase a certificate for next year, we can issue a new certificate covering the next 14 months.

To request a replacement certificate be issued, first create a new CSR (Certificate Signing Request). This can be done through WHM > Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request. Please make sure to save the CSR and Key generated during this process.

Next, visit this link to GeoTrust and fill out the form. The order ID is not necessary, instead use the domain name which the SSL is purchased under. If your certificate is for, please use When we order certificates we use the www sub-domain which will allow the certificate to cover both and The email address requested should be set to the email address where you received the verification email for your original certificate order.

Once you fill out the GeoTrust form, you will receive an email with instructions for posting you CSR and another email asking you to confirm your new certificate. Finally, you will receive your new certificate, which you’ll need to install.

If you have any problems, please submit a ticket in your ServInt customer portal so that our staff may help you through this process.

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