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Increase Your Server’s Performance And Security With LiteSpeed

When our clients say they want something, we do everything we can to make it happen. So, when a number of you said you wanted more speed and power out of your hosting solutions, we set out to provide you with some impressive options. That’s why we’ve upgraded our VPS and Dedicated Server platforms – but perhaps more importantly – selected LiteSpeed as our premium web server software offering.

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a powerful alternative to Apache that improves page load times, can more than double the maximum capacity of your Apache server, and helps keep visitors browsing your site for longer periods of time. By being up to 500% faster than Apache, your site visitors will browse your site quickly and easily without waiting on lengthy page load times.

Best of all, LiteSpeed is compatible with all existing Apache configuration files and .htaccess files so you don’t have to worry about making any site code changes.

In addition to improving page loading speeds, LiteSpeed also adds a layer of protection to your website. By using mod_security rules and a number of built-in anti-DDos features, this software keeps your web server secure while still giving you full control over your traffic and connections.

Replacing Apache with LiteSpeed is quick and painless. Our expert team of engineers can install LiteSpeed quickly. All that’s required is a quick restart of your HTTPD service. Once it’s installed, you’ll love the additional speed and functionalities it provides. Best of all, if you’re using cPanel/WHM, you’ll have the ability to toggle LWSW on and off to measure you’re actual performance gains.

If you’d like to add LiteSpeed to your VPS or server solution, our pricing starts at just $20 a month for an LSWS Ultra VPS license. You’re welcome to add it at the time you purchase your server, or anytime after that through your ServInt Portal. (Prices for dedicated serves vary based on the number of CPU Cores that are allocated to LiteSpeed).

To learn more about how LiteSpeed and our other add-on features can help your business succeed, click here to contact ServInt’s sales team today.

Want to know what our customers are saying about LiteSpeed? Check out this testimonial from Charles Bolotin, owner of

“Due to an article about us appearing in a well-known website, our server traffic increased more than 600% in a very short period of time and stayed there.  Given that our hosting package from ServInt was not configured to handle this traffic, performance degraded substantially, which caused me to call David [from ServInt’s Sales Team].  David listened carefully to our problem, considered the constraints (such as we couldn’t go off-line to upgrade) and then immediately recommended LiteSpeed.  David said that he would personally monitor its installation and make sure it was done quickly.  Less than 30 minutes later, our site completely regained its performance even with the huge and prolonged traffic spike without going off-line for one moment, thereby turning what could have been a disastrous day into an extremely successful one.”

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