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Installing and Configuring W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin which can help improve the speed of any WordPress-based website as long as the proper settings are utilized. ServInt recommends installing the plugin for the majority of our clients who use WordPress. Installing and setting up the plugin is simple, though our ServInt technicians can aide you in doing so if you need any assistance.

1) Log into your WordPress admin panel and find the “Add New” link beneath the “Plugins” option on the side menu.

Add New Plugin Menu

2) Type W3 Total Cache in the search bar.

Search Bar "W3 Total Cache"

3) The W3 Total Cache plugin should be the first result. Click on the “Install Now” button.

W3 Total Cache Install Button

4) Go to your “Installed Plugins” page and click on “Settings” for W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache Settings

5) For the majority of clients, we recommend the following settings:

Enable Page Cache and set the Cache Method to “Disk Enhanced”.

Page Cache Settings

Enable Object, Browser, and Database Caches and set their Cache Method to “Disk” where applicable.

Browser Cache SettingsObject Cache SettingsDatabase Cache Settings

6) Click on any “Save All Settings” button. You do not need to click this for each setting as long as you do so after making all selections.

7) Once you do this, you may receive a message suggesting you empty the cache to provide a consistent experience. Do so by clicking on the “Empty the page cache” button.

Empty Page Cache message

8) If you want advice on settings as they pertain to your particular setup, feel free to contact our MST through your ServInt Portal for further recommendations.

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