Installing suPHP on cPanel/WHM

To Install suPHP on cPanel

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Navigate to PHP and SuExec Configuration, under the Apache Configuration section. Under the ‘Alter Configuration’ section, either PHP4 or PHP5 will be pre-set.
  3. Click the drop-down box and select suPHP and at the bottom of your screen select ‘Save New Configuration’.

If suPHP is not listed you will need to recompile apache with the module.

To recompile Apache/PHP

  1. Log into WHM and navigate to EasyApache (Apache Update).
  2. On the main page make sure “Begin by selecting a profile to load” is selected and then click “Start customizing based on profile.”
  3. On the second page (Apache Version), we recommend upgrading to the latest available if not already selected. Then click “Next Step.”
  4. On the third page, EasyApache will allow you to select between the latest versions of PHP that are supported by your server’s cPanel installation.
  5. On the fourth page (Short options list) select “Mod suPHP” at the bottom of the page select “Save and Build.”

Please open a ticket in your ServInt Portal if you need assistance in recompiling Apache with the module.

For a description of suPHP, see the article: What is suPHP?

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