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Today’s Internet Isn’t One-Type-Fits-All

There’s a revolution underfoot in the hosting industry, but it’s not what you think. The Cloud has arrived. It has gone mainstream. The revolution I’m talking about is a silent one. It’s a war waged by veteran hosting customers who know the products they want, but see them mothballed or discontinued as they’re forced into one-type-fits-all technologies they don’t need — and by new customers who need powerful hosting but are overwhelmed by the proliferation of complex “solutions” in today’s hosting marketplace.

The Cloud promised to allow massive scalability and utility billing, but for some customers that has translated into complicated deployment and unpredictable costs.

Frankly, I’m tired of seeing those who desire a simpler model of powerful hosting — the tried-and-true dedicated server — marginalized by a hosting industry intent on moving to a unified model of Cloud hosting technology for all users.

I don’t believe you should be left out in the cold simply because you don’t fit into the largest or most profitable box in the hosting ecosystem. If all you want is a powerful server with a simple interface, predictable billing and rock-solid performance and support, then let me welcome you to the ServInt family. The Flex Dedicated line of servers and the brand new Flex v3 were built for you.

Flex Dedicated servers give you the power you demand without having to learn a complex world of arcane cloud technology or negotiate the minefield of utility billing. Flex Dedicated servers give you simple power and performance. Oh, and we threw in massive — and simple — scalability just for good measure.

ServInt’s SimpleScale technology brings the scalability of Cloud to the world of dedicated servers.

As a ServInt Flex Dedicated customer, you get a physically provisioned dedicated server leveraging ServInt’s proprietary SimpleScale technology — a software layer that sits underneath the Linux operating system. SimpleScale makes the content on the server portable so you can migrate quickly and effortlessly between server packages as you grow, without the traditional worry of IP or configuration changes. SimpleScale also gives customers the ability to scale crucial resources like RAM and storage instantly, without even so much as a reboot.

In fact, customers who begin life on one of our VPS packages starting at $49/mo can — through the power of SimpleScale — migrate all the way up into our Flex Dedicated series of servers quickly and easily. From a partial core up through 16 dedicated cores, 1.5GB of Ram up to 192GB, 60GB of storage up to 5TB: our VPS and Flex line of servers give ServInt customers the broadest range of scalability, all on a simple, stable, and affordable platform.

At ServInt, we’ve always believed in sticking up for the little guy. That’s why we continue to offer the most competitive hosting solutions for all our customers.

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  1. "You shouldn't be left out in the cold because you don’t fit into the largest or most profitable box in hosting."
  2. Cloud promised massive scaling and utility billing, but for some it meant complex deployment and unpredictable costs.
  3. Today's hosting solutions are trending towards one-type-fits-all. We see room for more choice. Do you?
  4. While im reading your article i was contacting your sales team to upgrade my server from a vps to flex series ,this what i like in servint,starting small with a vps then move to larger plan as your business grow in the same company without worrying about ip change or any other configuration. Thanks Reed
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