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The Internet: a Platform for Change

It’s become a truism for most people that the Internet has changed the world. Let me be the first to stand up and say:

No, the Internet has not changed the world.

People have changed the world. The Internet is only the tool they used.

From email to Google and Wikipedia to Twitter and on, the world has gotten smaller because of the Internet. And it’s become flatter too, empowering people with knowledge and communication. Through powerful collaboration applications, the Internet has become a tool for innovation that is only limited by the creativity of its users and designers.

To many people, when they think of the Internet they think of phrases like the “World Wide Web” or “The Cloud”, two nebulous names that aren’t grounded in what the Internet really is: a platform for communication.

Hosting customers have a greater understanding of the Internet than most people, but even to many of our customers, the Internet is simply a tool for email, web hosting and blogging. Some have branched out into ecommerce and corporate communications, but these are still way within the accepted norms of what the Internet is and can be.

Innovation in this industry comes when people and companies think beyond the accepted definitions. What can the Internet do for your business that has never been done before? Remember, Wikipedia and Twitter and even Google and Amazon we’re once small startups, at one time only ideas and possibilities. Now, for many, they are the Internet.

The Internet is capable of being a transformational, disruptive tool that changes whole industries and whole populations. That all starts with incredible ideas. Examples abound, from Kiva to DonorsChoose to Khan Academy to — back in the day, the fledgling Skype.

All that innovation starts with core Internet infrastructure–and with smart teams who understand how to turn dreams into action using that infrastructure. At ServInt, we’re continually expanding our product offerings and building better platforms for your innovation, so that you have easier access to the Internet infrastructure we provide. The rise of cloud has leapfrogged this forward, enabling hosting customers access to more and more powerful systems which allow a wider breadth of development. And at the same time, products come out which continually lower the bar to entry, making it easier and easier for first-time hosting customers the build a web presence. Making it easier each day to take your ideas and really change the world.

So how will you innovate? How will you use the Internet to build a better business, a smarter business, a different kind of business?

Contact us and let us know, maybe we can help.

Christian Dawson is speaking this week at Hosting Con in three different sessions including the conference keynote: Legislating for the Global Good: How We Can Help Lawmakers Understand the Internet
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