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ITRC Customer Spotlight

After recently joining ServInt’s family of customers, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) was able to support a massive influx of consumer inquiries during the recent Equifax breach, and continued servicing clients through the traffic increase.
The ITRC is a non-profit organization that supports victims of identity theft. Additionally, the ITRC increases public awareness of identity theft, data breaches, cybersecurity, scams, fraud and privacy issues. Founded in 1999, the ITRC provides no-cost assistance to consumers, within the United States, from its headquarters in San Diego, California. They also serve as a national resource for corporations and government agencies by providing information, education, documentation, reporting, and best practices.
As President and CEO, Eva Velasquez’s passion for educating consumers about identity theft, privacy, scams/fraud, and other related issues, has made her a nationally recognized expert on these subjects, as well as a voice for the ITRC and their consumers. Eva is regularly interviewed as a subject matter expert on CNBC Nightly Business Report, Huffington Post Live, Forbes, Bloomberg, Kiplinger’s and other outlets. She is also a featured speaker at national events on a frequent basis. Through these engagements, she strengthens consumer awareness of potential issues and resolution options.

“We need all stakeholders, industry, consumers, and government to engage in solutions to the identity theft issue. Our industry partners, such as ServInt, allow us to continue to provide our no-cost services to the public, even during times of high demand. The ITRC is grateful for their support in our fight against identity theft,” added Ms. Velasquez.

We look forward to helping support the ITRC’s hosting needs, and their consumer’s site traffic well into the future!

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