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Jelastic 1.9.2 Is Here, and It’s Awesome

by Devon Rutherford  • 

ServInt just rolled out a massive, free upgrade for all its Jelastic customers: version 1.9.2. This upgrade has a long list of new features that will make a great product even better, but here are just a few:

  1. Improved high availability of the Jelastic cloud. Jelastic has completely revamped its high availability/redundancy systems to make Jelastic more reliable than ever before.
  2. Firewalls for end users. Now, Jelastic automatically configures a firewall for each container you add to your Jelastic environment, defending your data against brute force or DDoS attacks, rootkits and botnets.
  3. A new Jelastic mobile app. Install the Jelastic Mobile App from the Apple Store and log in to your Jelastic account to trace and change the state of your environments and to keep track of your balance, right from your mobile device. Available for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPad 2, 3, 4G.
  4. Ruby On Rails support. This product enhancement is currently in its beta test phase, so we are only activating it for customers who make a special request via the ServInt ticketing system. But if you’re a Ruby guy, we invite you to come in and kick the tires.

For more information on the new features of Jelastic 1.9.2, check out the press release.

If you’re a current Jelastic customer, you don’t have to do anything to enjoy these important enhancements. And if you’re not a Jelastic customer yet, click here to start your free two-week trial of Jelastic 1.9.2 today!

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  1. #Jelastic 1.9.2 is live with firewalls, a new mobile app, and #RubyonRails support in beta.
    BestRubyOnRails /
  2. RT @servint: #Jelastic 1.9.2 is live with firewalls, a new mobile app, and #RubyonRails support in beta.
    juliocnsouza /
  3. RT @servint: #Jelastic 1.9.2 is live with firewalls, a new mobile app, and #RubyonRails support in beta.
  4. #Jelastic 1.9.2 is live with firewalls, a new mobile app, and #RubyonRails support in beta.
Devon Rutherford

Devon Rutherford

Director of Sales and Customer Satisfaction, ServInt

Having spent more than 20 years in technical sales, Devon brings a wealth of hands-on experience in VPS and enterprise hosting to ServInt’s sales team. His expertise in network hardware, server configuration and sales management provides ServInt customers with innovative new products, strategies and incentive programs, and his consultative sales support approach helps drive the development of creative and unique hosting solutions.

Devon joined ServInt in 1998, designing high-end server cluster and load-balancing solutions, and oversaw the implementation of multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects for ServInt clients. His online experience extends to nearly every aspect of the Internet and our operation including order processing, hardware deployment and ServInt’s Managed Customer Support services.

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