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Look for a Jack of All Trades, a Master of Some

I have talked previously about the concept of the trusted advisor. Companies like ours connect these trusted advisors with people looking to express themselves, their ideas or their business plans online. We empower people’s futures. It’s a big deal, and it makes it really exciting to go to work every day.

The challenge is that the needs of the very small and very big guys are specific. The small player who uses their website as a business card can basically use a wizard on a host that is a lot less powerful and feature-rich than what a company like ServInt offers. The big players  top 100 websites and those with their own IT departments  can custom build whatever they need and hire professionals to suit. In contrast, the needs of the people in the middle are extremely broad and varied. They’re everybody who has extensive needs that require the peace of mind to have experts watching over them. You can do pretty much anything in a cloud environment, and operating a trusted environment in a realm where anything can happen can get pretty difficult.

What makes a company like ServInt successful is that we have stepped up to the challenge of being a jack of all trades and master of some. We can meet the technical requirements of a vast array of business clients. For example, we are LAMP stack experts and we know cPanel like it’s nobody’s business. Our knowledge and understanding is broad, but we have a whole series of specialized talents that make us experts in dealing with certain requirements. I will go head to head, for instance, with any other hosting company when it comes to meeting the technical requirements of a business reselling our services in a cPanel environment.

We aren’t unique in this; it is how you get good in customer service. You figure out where you need to be a good generalist, then you figure out where you need to be the best, and you go after both. You hire for breadth and then you hire for depth.

When you are looking for somebody to do business with, make sure they are a jack of all trades and master of some. Find out if the things they are masters in are the things you need. Often times, making a decision about who to work with is as simple as that.


Photo by Phillip Pessar.

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