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Make Sure Your Host Can Grow Alongside Your Business

You have a killer business plan, an engaging website, and a great domain name. The only thing left is to purchase web hosting. Before you settle on a package, you need to ask yourself a question: When I outgrow this server in six months, what will I do? What about in a year, when I have thousands of visitors every hour?

Customers hate websites that are slow; if your web server is lacking, too many visitors can even take your website offline! This can be crippling when you have a large promotion running. It won’t matter what amazing deals you’re offering or what hot, new product you’ve put up for sale. If a customer can’t reach your site, they’ll forget about you and go somewhere else. Each customer your server cannot handle is money out of your pocket.

You could mitigate the issue from the start by purchasing web hosting powerful enough to handle your maximum projected customer base. The cost and support required for this can be quite high, however, making it unreasonable before you have a cash flow. The better choice is to find a host who can upgrade your server as you need it, providing more resources with minimal downtime.

The best hosts will have a clear upgrade path for you. You can start off small, with a server suited to your needs that won’t exceed your budget. When you reach the next level, a good host will be able to look at your traffic and resource usage, recommend an upgrade that will handle your needs for the future, and migrate you with minimal issues.

If your host is not prepared to handle your upgrade, you may be down for an extended period. Not every migration will go smoothly. You need a host which is trained and prepared to tackle any challenges. Beyond that, you need a host experienced in handling every size business along the path you’ll take, from enthusiastic start-ups to mature enterprises.

ServInt’s SolidFire-powered Cloud VPS solutions allow for near-seamless upgrades. The smallest packages are perfect for a new business, while the upgrade path is clear and simple. If you outgrow them, migrating you to a more powerful, dedicated solution is a routine task for us. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years; our managed services team has overseen thousands of migrations and upgrades. If you need a host that can help your growth be pain-free, speak with our sales engineers today.


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