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Earlier this week, we launched two new tools designed to immediately inform our customers whenever issues emerge that may affect the performance or accessibility of their server. In this brief blog post, we’ll explain how these new services work and how you can put them to use.

First, an important detail: both of these notification services are hosted completely independent of the ServInt network — so, no network or datacenter event that impacts ServInt’s core infrastructure will prevent us from providing you with up-to-date information. If you want to be certain you always have visibility into the ServInt nerve center in the event of performance issues that may affect your server, I strongly urge you to sign up for both of these services.

These systems were designed to alert you about two kinds of incidents: those that affect specific infrastructure, where the larger ServInt network is functioning without incident; and events that are having an impact on entire segments of the larger ServInt network, affecting multiple customers at once. We are very proud of our high levels of network redundancy and our enterprise-grade hardware, so incidents that involve our infrastructure are rare. Even so, problems can and do occur, albeit rarely, despite our best efforts. That’s why these systems exist.  We hope you never have to use them, but in the interest of full transparency, they are here for you.

For reporting on smaller pieces of infrastructure, we have launched an opt-in Twitter account, @ServIntStatus. Use of this system is simple: items will pop up on this feed when we are investigating problems specific to a hardware or system component.  Of course, you also have the option of having Twitter send you push notifications from the account whenever an issue is discovered, or a maintenance requirement is being fulfilled — but this may result in information overload due to the size of our network. Please note that this feed will only display brief status updates that reflect initial investigation or discovery on our end.  For resolution and ongoing updates, please login to the customer portal.

The second of our two notification systems is the ServInt Status Report. This site was set up to display information about service issues that are affecting ServInt’s core network and/or datacenter, impacting multiple customers at once. Sometimes, these issues can affect ServInt’s customer-facing systems at the same time they impact our datacenter — so, during the crucial minutes after disruptions are discovered, but before they’re fixed, this is the place to turn for immediate updates on what is happening.

Of course, this report is also capable of sending you push updates to let you know when our network is dealing with a service-impacting incident. We strongly recommend you subscribe to these updates, since the number of alerts you are likely to receive will be small, and each of them could be of critical importance to your business.

In addition to providing a real-time network status monitor for ServInt’s Reston, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam datacenters, the ServInt Status Report portal also shows you the operational status of the ServInt customer portal and phone system. In addition, it provides users with detailed updates on what is being done at the moment to address identified issues. Lastly, it displays service incident reports for all events in the recent past, allowing you to better understand what happened to the ServInt network in retrospect — helpful if you only discovered a performance shortcoming after the root cause had been fixed.

Operating instructions for the ServInt Status Report can be found at the site, and they are very straightforward. I strongly urge all ServInt customers to sign up — both for the Status Report and the ‘@ServIntStatus’ Twitter feed — as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi Guys, Nice to see you finally use 3rd party status page as suggested by us your customer during the last outage. But if I may suggest, the status page would be much more professional look if you using subdomain like or Also adding some uptime graphic on the page would be nice :)
    Octa Rendra /
  2. Hello Christian, thanks, but that's exactly the process I followed to select my country and add my mobile number. Haven't received a single SMS, though. I will give it a try again, with a different mobile number.
  3. Oops that's:
    Christian Dawson /
  4. I got this from the team: - We do allow for global SMS notifications. Subscribers can click the following button on the subscribe drop down, select their country, and then add in their number:> 6-59ff68bbf7d5/bcbb68364bd3005b674fc44727b999d8
    Christian Dawson /
  5. @aaronbacon Have you signed up for our brand new server status tools?
  6. @MatthewSchenker You should also check our latest blog post out:
  7. scmeeven, Thank you for the feedback. The '' website is not hosted with us, it is a professional service that many in our industry use to display various status updates. It is not tied to any of our systems, and is not aware of where you have servers. We decided to post the scheduled maintenance for all of our datacenters on there, and if users are subscribed they will receive updates for anything posted. Historically, we perform scheduled maintenance across our network once or twice a year, so we felt this was important and widespread enough to add it. Perhaps will allow subscribers to specify their settings in a more granular manner in the future. In regard to SMS updates, I will inquire about this with, although I feel SMS updates will likely be for the US only. Thanks again for your feedback.
  8. This is a good beginning at keeping customers better informed. However, there are two problems: 1.) I am getting updates about incidents relating to the Amsterdam data centre, but I don't have any servers there; 2.) I never received the SMS update, so it looks like that doesn't work for ServInt customers in India. There are other usability issues with the ServInt site, but I found the above two to be the more important ones, so far. Wish ServInt woiuld fix the above.
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