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Now Available: Custom VMware Solutions

In the world of managed hosting, virtualization systems are a major blessing. They allow us to easily perform all kinds of tasks that used to be cumbersome on a bare metal server environment. Whether the goal is resource guarantees and segmentation, moving an environment or application to new hardware, or simply cloning your existing server – virtualization makes life easier.

ServInt has been providing Virtuozzo-based virtualized solutions for more than 16 years. We’ve heavily adapted it to our needs, and we are extremely pleased with its performance on many of our standard product lines. At the same time, we realize one size does not necessarily “fit all” when it comes to virtualization and a variety of requirements can dictate the optimal virtualization tools for the job.

Having extended our service offerings beyond the realm of managed hosting over the past few years, and into Professional Services, we’ve found many virtualization platforms we enjoy working with. One of our favorites has been VMware.

Its feature set and ability to easily support a variety of operating systems means it’s not only been the most prevalent for existing solution integration needs, it also continues to be a requirement for many of the hybrid cloud solutions we develop. Given the overwhelming demand for VMware and the ease at which it can be integrated against pre-existing infrastructure, it seemed logical to include it as part of our product offerings.

After some development time in our Professional Services labs, we’re pleased to announce that we are now providing custom VMware deployments on our infrastructure or in AWS’s cloud.

So, whether you need a server running ESXi with a handful of Windows instance, or you want to develop a Veeam backup and disaster recovery solution – integrated with your existing VMware architecture – our Professional Services team will be happy to work with you on designing a solution to accommodate those needs.

Click here to learn more about how our experts can design, deploy, and manage the perfect VMware solution for you.

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