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In my last couple of posts, I’ve been talking about ServInt’s green initiative, and have promised that we would start exploring ServInt’s green methodologies. Today I’d like to start that process, but first I wish to introduce a couple new concepts to the discussion that will help me show that ServInt’s green initiative isn’t just for the environment – it’s for the direct benefit of the client as well.

I’ve talked about the concept of kaizen previously, and described how green hosting is a continual improvement project. Kaizen is a business philosophy often used in manufacturing, and is cited as one of the major concepts of Lean Manufacturing – a production practice pioneered by Ford but perfected by Toyota, whose Toyota Production System (TPS) is the envy of most in the manufacturing world. The central goal of Lean Manufacturing is to “reduce waste” – (muda wo herasu in Japanese).

By focusing their efforts on thinking through all of their processes, utilizing the abilities of all of the employees and by focusing on machinery and tools that are efficient, Lean Manufacturing groups reduce waste and continuously move towards the goal of running the least wasteful organization possible. Kaizen groups focused on reducing waste end up creating greener organizations and lessening the overall environmental footprint of their products, while improving their businesses at the same time.

We have the same goal.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s our goal to utilize the most efficient, low voltage servers available that serve our clients’ needs. It is our promise to recycle our server components in a way that is environmentally friendly. We also choose to invest in carbon offset projects that help take things a step further. These programs help, but are not enough. To go further, we are exploring new ways of decreasing waste and increasing efficiency. We are examining every aspect of what we do, not only exploring the hardware we use but the way that we think and the way that we act. We also carefully explore the way that we INTERact with our clients, which itself has the ability to reduce waste.


Just as servers can get more efficient, clients can also conserve energy in managing their servers by using the most efficient means possible. We seek to optimize their server management and more importantly, their time management through getting them what they need when they need it. Whether that is by persistently and consistently updating our forums or through efficient, quality responses to support tickets. Our combined centuries of experience are poured liberally into our clients’ minds on a daily basis to help them improve their own efficiency. In this manner, our clients spend less time wondering what the answer is and more time on more important matters.

In other words, we help clients “reduce waste” by providing the most efficient means to accomplish their own web hosting management tasks, 24/7/365. The same business concepts that make us greener make us better at our jobs, and you better at yours.

ServInt’s dedication to reducing waste at every level is a quality that sets us apart and provide a superior level of service to all of our clients. New clients to ServInt should be prepared to reduce waste by decreasing not just your carbon footprint but your time commitment as well.

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