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“Semi-Dedicated” Means Fully Powerful

There are times when new product development is hard, and times when it’s easy.  When it’s easy, the market presents a series of clear signals that indicate with blinding obviousness what customers really want.  That’s what happened to spark the development of our newest product line, the Flex Semi-Dedicated TwoCore and ThreeCore servers.

With these new “Semi-dedicated” servers we addressed two frequently asked questions with one new product:  “how many CPU cores do I get with that?”, and “how many people am I sharing my server with?”  With the Semi-Dedicated TwoCore server, the answer to the CPU core question is simple:  two.  The ThreeCore — well, you can probably guess how many CPU cores you’re guaranteed with that one.

The second question is equally easy to answer.  Both the TwoCore and ThreeCore servers are “semi-dedicated.”  That means that they’re 100% dedicated to just two users:  you and somebody else.  That’s it.  That means less contention for burst resources, greater performance consistency, and greater predictability.

Both the Flex TwoCore and ThreeCore have customizable RAM and disk options like all Flex servers. Here are the The baseline specs:

Flex TwoCore

2 Cores of Intel X3440 CPU (2.53 GHz HyperThreaded Cores)
2 GB guaranteed RAM, upgradable to 4 GB guaranteed RAM
200 GB SATA II Storage, upgradable to 400 GB
Hardware RAID 1
4 TB monthly bandwidth transfer
Free control panel software
Free daily backups

starting at $149/month

Flex ThreeCore

3 Cores of Intel E5649 CPU (2.56 GHz HyperThreaded Cores)
6 GB guaranteed RAM, upgradable to 8 GB guaranteed RAM
600 GB Nearline SAS Storage, upgradable to 800 GB
Hardware RAID 1
6 TB monthly bandwidth transfer
Free control panel software
Free daily backups

starting at $189/month

For more information on Flex TwoCore and ThreeCore, read the press release or visit our ordering pages.

Photo by Martin Cox

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  1. Jackson, We are not automatically migrating customers out of any packages. That being said, our sales team is actively working with SuperVPS customers who wish to move onto new hardware, be it in the semi-dedicated or dedicated lines. If you're interested, reach out to sales and let them know.
  2. As ServInt's newest operation worldwide, the products that we have thus-far prioritized and made available in Amsterdam are based on demand. As we continue to scale offerings will increase, but that is less around a timeline and more around gauged interest levels. So please, reach out to our sales team to discuss your needs. Either we can address them as a one-off, or we can take note and try to use the information you provide to help us make decisions on further expansion.
  3. Do you have any idea when Flex Semi-dedicated and dedicated servers will be available on Amsterdam facilities ?
  4. I noticed the old Flex VPS's above Ultimate have been removed. Will servers on SuperVPS and up be moved into these plans?
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