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ServInt Solo Series Dedicated Server Customers Can Now “Go Gigabit”!

Today ServInt is announcing the availability of full gigabit (Gbps) throughput to all ServInt Dedicated Server customers for just $25 a month.

Of course, this isn’t the most revolutionary news. Though ServInt’s pricing on this service is very competitive, we’ve been offering this service on a custom basis for some time. Really, this announcement is a public signal that we see where the web is headed and are reshaping our products to fit those needs.

For the past 6 years, we’ve offered optional Gbps Dedicated Servers on custom dedicated server packages. All of us at ServInt see this as an evolutionary change in how the Internet utilizes infrastructure; we’re simply taking it one step further. We’ve invested in the necessary hardware to deploy this across our entire Solo Series and are really excited about the capabilities we’re opening up to our incredible popular Dedicated products.

In the past, we’ve actively decided against offering this as an add-on. We’ve always understood the responsibility that comes with generating Gbps traffic and we take that commitment seriously. We work closely with our customers on an individual basis to make sure that they can effectively use and deploy Gbps connections effectively and responsibly. ServInt still does that for customers every day.

However, over the past year or so, ServInt has seen a marked increase in the number of high-bandwidth clientele that can genuinely make use of Gbps throughput. These customers also tend to be better educated about the risks and rewards of ‘going gigabit’.

On the plus side, better overall performance is a terrific boon for high-traffic sites. However, some clients, frankly, don’t always know what they’re getting themselves into with this capability and sometimes wake up to a bill that’s 4 digits higher than they expected.

Now, I don’t want to minimize the successes of going gigabit, nor is my goal to scare folks away.

Recently, a ServInt client released a book that shot up to #1 on Amazon.com. The client was able to sustain a temporary 2 day traffic jump that took him over 210 Mbps. His site was fully accessible despite the uncharacteristically massive traffic surge.

So yeah, it can definitely make a difference.

As the Internet matures and broadband adoption leads to larger file sizes, ServInt has adapted to the ever-increasing bandwidth needs of the modern Internet. This announcement is simply further proof that we intend not just to keep up, but to stay competitive in giving our clients access to the best resources around.

When we make key product development decisions at ServInt, we listen to our customers and we listen to our market. Last year, in response to a rapid increase in bandwidth usage across our entire client base, ServInt dropped its bandwidth overage charges by 75%. Today, ServInt allows its Dedicated Server customers who know they need Gbps connectivity to choose it as a standard offering.

As always, we’ll be here with guidance and support. Our sales team will help you assess your needs based on your traffic projections to ensure you’re buying a legitimate solution (and not a bag of hurt) and our award winning Managed Services Team will make sure you stay up and running.

After all, that’s what ServInt is all about.

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