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ServInt’s Biggest VPS and SuperVPS Promo Ever…and Why We Did It.

ServInt is at a very interesting point in its 15 year history. We have a lot of customers outside of the United States, and despite the ongoing global economic crisis we’ve managed to grow quite well. Whether its our latest series of data centers springing up on the West Coast, the launch of our new Solo Series dedicated server line, or our continued philanthropic projects revolving around the ongoing crisis in Haiti, we are growing larger, more competitive, and more socially aware by the day.

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, and in the spirit of being the most competitive Enterprise-class player in webhosting, I’m announcing the return of our most aggressive VPS promotion ever for a limited time.

50% off of your first THREE months on any VPS or SuperVPS with promo code ‘50×3’.

We are a premium hosting company with premium products and services. In an industry that includes competitors from every angle engaging in a race to the bottom in pricing, we’ve chosen a different path. While others focus on making their products cheaper, we focus on making them better. Because we invest in our infrastructure and development to ensure we have the best servers in the world, we don’t need to lure people in with second rate products at subsidized, unsustainable prices.

ServInt has never been your run-of-the-mill bargain-basement hosting option, there are plenty of companies that fill that niche already. However, we also know that for those businesses entering the world of VPS and Dedicated servers for the first time there is often some initial sticker shock. Going from $7 to $50 a month is not trivial for a growing business tasting its first real wave of success, but finding a partner you can trust, that you can hold accountable, and that truly wants you to succeed is a priceless commodity these days.

In the early days of ServInt, doing business with an influential partner at a special price was like winning the lottery. I want to bring that same experience to everyone who hasn’t felt 100% comfortable making the switch to ServInt.

Once you experience ServInt, you’ll stay with ServInt. We’ll be there on day one to help you get your business running, we’ll be there when you’re ready to go Solo with a Dedicated Server, and we’ll be there for you every day in between.

Being a host for over 15 years means we build our business on long-term relationships. It also allows us to build personal relationships with our clients, making you more like family to us than someone who buys a service.

Most of all, we’re looking forward to doing business with all of you.

Photo by Juan Camilo Trujillo

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  1. I'm very sorry that you're upset, and can see why your latest ticket was frustrating to you. The important thing from my perspective is that your problem is solved, and it looks as if Dom provided the solution in his latest ticket post. Mail can be a difficult thing to diagnose. RBLs, IP issues, DNS issues, client configurations, and other factors can influence mail delivery. In this case it turns out that two of your nameservers that ServInt doesn't host were showing the wrong IP for the domain you were having problems with. That does make it difficult to diagnose. I try to preach a "blame ourselves first" policy so customers don't get upset when we point elsewhere early on. Too often when we tell customers that the problem isn't on our network, they get mad at us and blame us for not trying. In this case, it is my "blame ourselves first" policy that partially led to your unhappiness. I'm sorry you had a difficult experience, and hope that things get on the right track. ServInt is much more than any one ticket, server, employee, client, or issue. ServInt is a family which includes all employees, clients, and service we provide. Sometimes things don't go the way we wish they would, but the important thing is what we do when that happens. I'm going to make sure we use your ticket as a case study of what we can do to improve the overall experience when things like that happen.
  2. Portal ID 111243 Contact Name Ashoke Kumar Seth your customer service is perhaps the worst i have ever experienced in my life. your NOC are arrogant and dont bother reading the customer questions. Even when pointed out the refuse to accept responsibility. i will have to change servers as you certainly dont live up to your promise.
    ashoke umar seth /
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