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ServInt’s Jelastic Cloud Takes a Big Leap Forward

by David James  • 

We’ve got some big news about our auto-scaling cloud platform, Jelastic.

We’ve just released a major update that makes the ServInt Jelastic cloud more powerful — and more affordable — than ever.

To start with, we’re introducing a brand-new cloud product called the “Virtual Dedicated Server,” or VDS, that adds true auto-scaling IaaS capabilities to the ServInt cloud. Now you can spin up auto-scaling cloud instances completely independent of PHP and Java to basically do what you’re used to doing with our Flex VPS and dedicated platforms — which is to say, pretty much whatever you want.

Just as exciting: to help bring down the price of our auto-scaling cloud solutions, we’re also offering deep volume discounts — as high as 75% — for Jelastic cloud services. But that’s not all. We’re introducing something brand new to bring down costs even further: “reserved cloudlets” — cloud resources with even bigger savings for customers who can commit to resources on a monthly basis.  This new pricing structure rewards ServInt customers with some of the deepest volume discounts in the cloud industry.

Of course, we’re also making sure Jelastic gets even better when it comes to supporting key apps and software stacks. Some of these changes include FTP support, caching in NGINX, and the latest versions of software stacks, including TomEE and MariaDB 10.0.0.

To read more details about the technical improvements of our Jelastic update, check out our press release.

And if you’re ready to try out ServInt’s auto-scaling cloud, sign up for a free trial today.

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  1. Keith, Things move fast in the world of cloud! We're still working on getting our documentation up on our site, but you can learn about VDS virtual machines on the Jelastic website. As we get more documention up on, we'll be sure to post it to the ServInt Source.
  2. I'm interested to learn more about the new VDS product, but I can't find more info about it on the Servint site. Am I missing something?
David James

David James

Sales Operations Manager, ServInt

David James is the Sales Operations Manager for ServInt and part of the Enterprise Server Team. When not buried in tech, he enjoys board games, RPGs and martial arts.

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