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Shoo.in and M.E.D. Media Mart Provide Secure Hosting to Medical Professionals on ServInt’s Network

As we’ve spoken of before, at ServInt we strive to master our specialties in order to better serve the customers who rely on us. When we hear about a client who has been following this advice before we even gave it, we were eager to speak with them. This was the case with Jason Edwards, partner at M.E.D. Media Mart, CEO of Shoo.in, and a hosting reseller who has been with ServInt for two and a half years. Our CEO, Reed Caldwell, caught up with him at World Hosting Days USA.

M.E.D. Media Mart has a very unique customer base, which presents a number of interesting challenges. “My clients are doctors,” Jason told us. “We have some hospitals […] dentists and doctors we’re developing products for.”

World Hosting Days USA 2015

Reed and Jason discuss HIPAA compliance on ServInt’s network.

These days, a doctor or hospital can’t rely solely on a business-card style website. Instead, they require a specialized solution that may collect sensitive personal information from patients. “It’s very important for some of our clients to be secure. HIPAA compliance issues are coming into play,” Jason told us.

For those unaware of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, it is a federal law that defines policies, procedures and guidelines for maintaining the privacy and security of individually identifiable health information. These rules and regulations require specialized solutions, something Shoo.in and M.E.D. Mart are working on providing.

Jason chose ServInt for this project for many reasons. When lives are on the line, Jason said it’s “absolutely” important for high quality web hosting. “The thing I look for the most is uptime and support,” he said. He requires hosting that runs constantly and is always fast. “It’s hard to find a provider that provides that as well as support,” he added. “ServInt answered my prayers in that regard.”

World Hosting Days USA 2015

Reed and Jason share a smile when talking about Shoo.in’s latest project.

Secure hosting isn’t the only thing Shoo.in and M.E.D. Media Mart provides, however. “We work with [our clients] to get an end-to-end product. We work on the content, the development side, and the graphics side to [deliver] a nice, beautiful product. We do photography, videography, and everything in between. The SEO is built in, so once the site is launched, you see better results.”

M.E.D. Media Mart’s latest launch was drspirtos.com, a product Jason was quite proud of. “It’s fast and responsive. It’s mobile friendly. It’s for Northeast Ohio Fertility Clinic.” With a laugh, he added, “What they do is help clients produce infants.”

Jason and Shoo.in are one of the many ServInt clients who exemplify the ServInt way. We work with them to provide safe, secure, private hosting to the people who need it the most. As Reed told Jason, Shoo.in has a “tremendous business” which has “done a lot of great work.” We’re proud to have them on our network and look forward to working with them to even better serve the HIPAA community.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Scmeeven. We'll definitely take this sort of question into account when we do future profiles and interviews like this. HIPAA compliance is something we're looking closely at and getting more information on that to the public is definitely in the plans.
  2. An interesting but somewhat vague article. More details would have helped, like whether MED Mart's solutions are on SolidFire or FlexVPS or dedicated - you wouldn't want to bet people's lives on Flex VPS, for instance. On the other hand, the SolidFire line would be a great fit. Medical I.T, with a focus on HIPAA compliance is one area where ServInt could gain a whole new customer base. I wish ServInt would run a series of posts on HIPAA compliant I.T solutions and how ServInt fits the bill.
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