High Availability

Single-tenant High Availability Dedicated Servers feature 99.999% uptime guarantee

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Support: Hello, thank you for calling; how may I help you?
Site Owner: I’m calling regarding ticket #SKU-979942. I’d like to get an update on how long the data restoration will take.
Support: It looks like the data restoration started and should be complete in about nine-and-half hours.
Support: You’ve got over 1TB of data, and there are millions of small files to restore. It takes awhile.

As each minute passes, all you can think about are the customers and money you’re most likely missing out on. If you’ve ever experienced a scenario like this first hand, you know exactly how excruciating it can be.

At ServInt, we’ve developed a High Availability (HA) Dedicated Server to avoid lengthy downtime due to hardware failure, and we are able to offer this service at a price any small business can afford. Our new single-tenant HA Dedicated Servers are capable of fully recovering from hardware failure in less than 60 seconds with your data intact!

This is a vast difference from the drawn-out process most hosting companies must subject their clients to, which can involve hours or even days for hardware replacement and data restoration. Equally important, unlike your average cloud environment, our new HA Dedicated Servers are designed to work with your existing applications – without the need for modifications. Your HA Server will be delivered with the same Linux-based (LAMP stack) environment you’ve grown to know and appreciate.

ServInt’s new HA Servers are the product of extensive technology that reaches from the client’s data all the way to the floor of the data center. We have engineered our HA Servers so that there is no need to modify applications or hassle with data replication to a spare server. These new HA Servers give you a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee and cost nearly 1/3 less than traditional highly available solutions because there is no need for a redundant set of server hardware.

After years of innovation, development, and experience, we have created a platform that lets one server act as though it’s one of many. This means if your business’s server hardware fails, another will instantly become yours – with your data already on it.

Traditional HA server solutions are complicated, costly, and time consuming because they require multiple servers, complex data replication, and failover or load balancing. This service is out of reach for most small businesses because many don’t have the technical expertise to operate a system such as this.

That is why we have designed our new HA dedicated Servers so that, even in the rare event of hardware failure, your solution and data can be recovered quicker than ever – at a price everyone can afford.

For more information about our new HA Dedicated Server solutions, call 800-573-7846, email sales@servint.com or visit https://www.servint.net/ha-server/.

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