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What software can I run in a ServInt environment?

Can I run blog software like WordPress, MovableType or Ghost?


Can I run CMS software like Drupal or Joomla?


Can I run Ruby On Rails?


Can I run open source eCommerce software like osCommerce or Magento?


Can I run forum software like vBulletin or PHPbb?


Can I run MediaWiki on a VPS product?


Can I run PHP optimizers / accelerators such as ZendOptimizer, ionCube, eAccelerator or APC?

Yes. Please see our articles on PHP handlers and WP Super Cacher and APC for more information.

Can I run software not listed here?


There is no way to make a comprehensive list of all the software you can run on a Virtuozzo-based server. If it runs in a Linux environment, doesn’t violate our AUP, doesn’t require kernel modifications and has technical requirements that don’t exceed the resources offered in your hosting package, chances are good that you will be able to run it. To be sure, new customers can contact Sales and current customers can open a support ticket in their customer portal with specific software requirements, and we will advise you.

And if you need help with installation, our Managed Services Team will be happy to install third-party software for you upon request. Simply provide them with the licensing and installation instructions through a ticket in the customer portal. Please keep in mind that since we do not technically support third-party software, the ongoing maintenance and configuration of your software will be your responsibility.

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