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Special Introductory Post

Welcome to The ServInt Blog!

Why is ServInt publishing a blog?  Why now, when the world already seems saturated with blogs?

For starters, the entire blogging culture is built on a technology that we happen to be experts in.  ServInt has been helping online businesses since 1995.  Along the way, weve learned a thing or two about how hosting works. The blogosphere has grown up around us.  It’s time for us to use the tools we have at our disposal to share our thoughts about the hosting industry and its many facets.

Blogs are a mainstream method of disseminating information and building community.  We’ve been building a strong online community among our clients for years, using our private customer forums .  ServInt customers have access to private forums that allow them to research and get answers to commonly asked questions.  More importantly, they interact and learn from each others’ experiences.  The communal aspect of ServInt’s private forums is invaluable.

We’ve had many requests from non-customers to open up our private forums to the public, but have decided against it.  Webmasters (especially resellers) need continued access to a private haven that allows them to ask complex questions, or even simple ones, without the fear of public judgment.

Instead of opening the ServInt forums, we have decided to start this blog.  It will engage our community, along with those currently outside our circle, in thoughts and ideas that matter to us all.  This blog will allow ServInt executives, partners and customers to share ideas to make web hosting more productive, profitable and environmentally sustainable.

At ServInt, we believe our new web site and blog can demonstrate the value of a tight Internet community by encouraging frequent input and healthy discourse.

Together, we can discover and evaluate new methodologies in the Managed Web Hosting and Green IT sectors to help meet the business requirements of growing companies worldwide.

I expect regular postings from three main contributors.  In addition to myself, we’ll see postings from our Vice President of Operations Christian Dawson and our Vice President of Technology Matthew Loschert.  I’ve chosen these two because I believe both have unique perspectives on the topics well be exploring in the ServInt blog.  Check in regularly!

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