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SSD Cloud Storage and ServInt’s Flex Dedicated Servers

by Devon Rutherford  • 

In January, ServInt launched our cutting-edge SolidFire SSD VPS cloud storage platform. It is simply the fastest, most highly scalable, and most reliable turn-key hosting solution on the market today.

Almost since the day we launched the SolidFire SSD VPS, our customers have been asking when they’d be able to buy a dedicated server with SolidFire SSD cloud storage.

That day has arrived!

You can now order a Flex Dedicated server with either onboard SSD or SolidFire SSD cloud storage. Both options offer the speed of an all-SSD storage array, but our SolidFire SSD cloud storage gives you additional advantages, summarized below:

Onboard SSD

  1. Extremely fast SSD transfer speeds
  2. Available drive sizes: 50GB, 100GB, 150GB, 300GB
  3. Server migrations require data transfer
  4. Raid 1 and Raid 10 configurations available

SolidFire SSD Cloud Storage

  1. Extremely fast SSD transfer speeds
  2. Unlimited scalability from 60GB, no practical maximum drive size
  3. Near-instantaneous server migrations
  4. Extremely high availability/data redundancy — much better than RAID
  5. Rapid data recoverability
  6. All the advantages of a SAN with the performance guarantees of onboard SSD

Like our SolidFire VPS — and unlike other cloud storage platforms — ServInt’s SolidFire SSD dedicated servers offer 100% guaranteed minimum IOPS, providing just as much predictability and consistency as an onboard drive. SolidFire SSD is the only cloud storage platform that can make this guarantee.

No other dedicated server solution on the market matches ServInt’s SolidFire SSD cloud storage for speed, reliability, scalability and availability. Check it out today.

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Devon Rutherford

Devon Rutherford

Director of Sales and Customer Satisfaction, ServInt

Having spent more than 20 years in technical sales, Devon brings a wealth of hands-on experience in VPS and enterprise hosting to ServInt’s sales team. His expertise in network hardware, server configuration and sales management provides ServInt customers with innovative new products, strategies and incentive programs, and his consultative sales support approach helps drive the development of creative and unique hosting solutions.

Devon joined ServInt in 1998, designing high-end server cluster and load-balancing solutions, and oversaw the implementation of multiple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects for ServInt clients. His online experience extends to nearly every aspect of the Internet and our operation including order processing, hardware deployment and ServInt’s Managed Customer Support services.

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