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SSD Hosting Isn’t Good Enough. We Built Something You Can Trust.

For almost 19 years I’ve believed that trust should be the foundation of every action we take here at ServInt. I originally set out to share my belief with small businesses by creating a different kind of hosting company — one that strives to find ways for small businesses to succeed and for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. I wanted to let them focus on what they do, not on what we do.

Reliability, integrity, transparency, support, and expertise are cornerstones of building such a high level of trust, and these are values all of us at ServInt share. About a year ago I realized that I remained confident in why we do what we do, but despite all the breakthroughs in cloud technology I wasn’t confident in how we do it — not just as a company, but as an industry. Since that day ServInt has been working on a paradigm shift in web hosting, and today I’m proud to announce the result of our efforts.

We’re solving a problem that most people don’t even know exists. The most prolific example is someone with a new VPS or cloud service that complains of unreliable performance. They assume their provider sucks, or the industry sucks. It’s clearly not that customer’s fault and we all know it, but nobody knows what to do about it. Those types of situations make the whole industry look bad, and they should. This problem needed to be solved, and we are disrupting the industry by solving it. Nobody who cares about their business should buy a product they can’t trust, but there haven’t been cloud or VPS products they truly could trust without over-buying or over-engineering – until now.

1024px-Einstein1921_by_F_Schmutzer_2“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

For over 10 years, the hosting industry has been providing VPS or Cloud services the same way. Virtualize the hardware, install a software stack, and you’ve got cloud. Unfortunately no matter how you slice it, the cloud isn’t a trustworthy place for businesses today. You lack true resource guarantees, most likely rely on hardware designed for other tasks, and worst of all you face the pain of noisy neighbors — other users who consume more than their fair share of server resources, which causes problems and slowness for you. This may be good for some people who have a tolerance for surprise slowness, but for true professionals the existing model leaves much to be desired.

So we needed to build a new model. Our goal was to create a true enterprise cloud VPS platform to fix the established problems, capable and scalable enough for a business of any size, but still affordable for small businesses. We needed to redefine the expectations of what cloud and VPS mean while combining the scalability of cloud architecture with the simplicity of VPS.

To do this we started from the ground up (literally the floor of the datacenter) and built a new product like no other. We opened a brand new expansion room in our Washington DC area facility. Our engineers were given full creative authority, and built an amazing 10GigE highly redundant network architecture. They did the same with the storage network, and pulled feeds from two different power grids. The hardware we chose is all top of the line, highly redundant, and enterprise-class. The ratios of CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage, and other resources were finely tuned for an optimum customer experience. Each server was designed with four separate network connections to four different switches for maximum reliability and performance. But we didn’t stop there.

Utilizing ServInt’s SimpleScale technology, Parallels PCS 6.0, and SolidFire all-SSD cloud storage, ServInt’s new SolidFire SSD products are a completely re-imagined vision of what VPS and cloud should be. We have reconfigured resource allocation across the product line and reengineered every back-end specification governing customer environments in order to maximize your experience.

At the core of this new product is our all-SSD SolidFire storage cloud. This technology eliminates the biggest nagging problem in hosting: the “noisy neighbor” in which the environment next to you who slows your site down by hogging server resources. The resource in question is read/writes to disk – IOPS – and with the only Parallels-based VPS in the world fueled by SolidFire, we’re the first to offer Virtuozzo customers a solution that forever solves the noisy neighbor dilemma, and so much more.

SolidFire does two things for the user that make it revolutionary. First, by offloading storage into an all-SSD cloud, SolidFire gives the platform millions of potential IOPS, orders of magnitude more than any on-board SSD RAID array could. Second, SolidFire enables us to actually guarantee users an exact portion of those IOPS. No longer do users have to hope there are IOPS available when their server needs to access the drive. Now, you can rest easy knowing your guaranteed IOPS are ready when you need them.

Our mission in designing a next-generation VPS was simple: to combine quality, performance, and service to create the best VPS in the universe. Our SolidFire SSD VPS is the result. Finally there’s a VPS product we can completely trust, and we believe you can too. Check out the SolidFire SSD VPS page for more details, or contact a ServInt sales engineer to start a discussion about how you can start spending all your time focusing on your business, not on your hosting provider’s business.



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  1. Chance, While we've named our SolidFire SSD VPS package tiers to match the corresponding package tier in our Flex VPS, that's only half the story. As you know, server performance is so much more than simple specs. If you haven't already, check out for more information on just how different our SolidFire SSD VPS is from all other VPS solutions.
  2. RT @servint: ServInt CEO @reedcaldwell on the all-new ServInt #SolidFire #SSD #VPS!
    SolidFireTomT /
  3. RT @servint: ServInt CEO @reedcaldwell on the all-new ServInt #SolidFire #SSD #VPS!
  4. Hi Reed, This sounds interesting. Would it be possible to put together a side by side performance comparison of the existing VPS plans with the new VPS plans? I would like to have a better understand of where I stand compared to where I can move to before pulling the trigger. Thanks!
  5. RT @servint: ServInt CEO @reedcaldwell on the all-new ServInt #SolidFire #SSD #VPS!
  6. RT @servint: ServInt CEO @reedcaldwell on the all-new ServInt #SolidFire #SSD #VPS!
  7. .@servint - SSD Hosting Isn’t Good Enough. We Built Something You Can Trust. #SolidFire #SSD #VPS!
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