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Still My Favorite Web-based Charitable Event: the Desert Bus for Hope!

Faithful readers of this blog know that each year around this time, I turn into a one-man social media army for my favorite web-based charitable event, the annual Desert Bus for Hope drive-a-thon.

Each year, ServInt donates free server hardware and bandwidth for the Desert Bus event, and we’re proud to do so. What could be more ServInt mission-friendly than making it possible for event contestants to play the world’s cruelest, most pointless, most existentially hopeless video game — for days on end, without ceasing, until they literally drop from exhaustion? It’s for the children, dammit!

Seriously, I won’t go into the many, many reasons why this event is so amazing. Just trust me on this one — or check out our 2010 and 2011 blog posts for more detail, video snippets, and the greatest appearance by Lou Reed in any video game, ever.

Oh, and visit to join in the fun, and give generously. Thanks!

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