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The Feedback Loop in Customer Service

I’m excited to announce that we have a brand new function in our customer ticketing system: customer ratings and ticket reviews.

All too often in our industry, customer service is essentially a one-way street. Or more accurately, it’s two one-way streets with both the customer and the service provider trying to fix a problem by talking at each other in a series of monologues or lectures instead of with one another in a dialogue.

Of course, customer service involves technical expertise, but without open and thorough communication, the customer may not walk away from the experience satisfied or confident that future problems will be handled competently.

In customer service, excellent communication is just as important as technical ability and troubleshooting skills. Service technicians have to fully understand the problem the customer is having and be able to explain the causes and solutions concisely. Without this communication there can be no trust, and trust is the foundation of good customer service and satisfied customers.

ServInt rests its reputation on customer service. Our Managed Services Team is located right in our Virginia headquarters, where they interface personally with every customer who opens a ticket and have direct access to all other ServInt departments for consultation.

We do our best to ensure our technicians are knowledgeable in a tremendous number of situations, and that they communicate as effectively as possible. Our training program for the MST takes six months to complete, and only the top graduates earn the right to join the MST and work on the front lines of our 24/7, 365 support structure.

We keep a full record of every post of every customer ticket so that we can learn from them, find patterns in support issues, and help train our entire staff as new versions of software are released, updates to operating systems go live, and new challenges arise in the hosting community at large. Training in customer service never ends, it is an ongoing process of keeping up with technology and user habits. There is always room to learn how to serve the needs of customers better.

This is why we are implementing our new ticket-rating system. If you’ve opened a ticket in the last two weeks, you may have already seen this new feature. Now, customers can rank and give feedback on every single post in any open ticket they have with ServInt.

Rate the response with one to five starts to show us how we’re doing. And just as important, tell us why you gave it the rating you did. Let us know what we are doing well and where we can improve. All written feedback and rankings are being analyzed by our management team.

Ratings have already begun pouring in through the system, and we are gaining valuable insights into what is important to you, the customer. So keep the ratings coming in and keep the dialogue going.

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