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Low Voltage Servers are Key to Green Hosting

Enterprise computing is a major contributor to global energy consumption and carbon emissions.  Green, or environmentally friendly, computing has moved to the mainstream in the past few years.  More businesses now realize that – besides harming the environment – energy-inefficient computing can adversely affect their company’s financial health and lead to serious competitive disadvantages.

This makes it especially important for web hosting providers, as operators of intensely powerful data centers, to take a firm stand by implementing green practices.

Server consolidation through virtualization improves energy efficiency via the decommissioning of unnecessary physical servers and higher utilization of the remaining, more energy-efficient servers.  Server virtualization benefits include:  Less electricity used to power and cool servers; less real estate required in the data center; and less hardware to manage and responsibly dispose of.

Virtualization is ideal for the company interested in lowering its overall energy footprint.  A growing number of businesses that successfully leverage web hosting service providers understand that they no longer need a Dedicated Server to run their applications.

The latest Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions are a more reliable, more powerful alternative to the traditional, entry-level managed Dedicated Server.  They provide a highly redundant, enterprise-class hosting solution with ample resources and an easy upgrade path.

Professional-grade VPS services provide customers root access to their server while consuming a small fraction of the power of a Dedicated Server.  This is made possible because a number of customers can share a single, high-performance, low-wattage server.

When evaluating a hosting provider, ask the following questions to assess their commitment to the environment:

•    Do they have a Green Initiative to promote environmentally sustainable hosting?

•    Do they utilize low-voltage server hardware?  ServInt proudly uses Intel low-voltage chipsets in Dell hardware as the foundation of its flagship SuperVPS service.

•    Do they commit to recycling all recyclable components and meet or exceed all environmental standards for the disposal of all non-recyclable hazardous components?

•    Do they invest in reforestation projects designed to offset the carbon emissions of the VPS?

Taking the time to select an eco-friendly hosting provider can help a business improve the quality of life for its customers, its employees, its community and the environment.

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