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The Mobile ServInt Portal App is Here

by David James  • 

You’re on the go, but you need to stay in touch with ServInt. We hear you, and we’re here to help. Introducing the ServInt app:

app shot

ServInt has launched an all-new free mobile ServInt Portal app compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app allows ServInt customers to open, view and manage support tickets, access information about their servers, and provide quick access to important ServInt web sites and KnowledgeBase content.

It’s that simple.

Download the app today.



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  1. Fonginator, great question. Right now, you have to log into each of your portal accounts separately, but we are looking into the possibility of building functionality into the app that will allow you to store multiple logins. Stay tuned!
  2. Cool, but is there a way to manage multiple portal accounts? In addition to my own account, I also manage servers for other clients.
David James

David James

Sales Operations Manager, ServInt

David James is the Sales Operations Manager for ServInt and part of the Enterprise Server Team. When not buried in tech, he enjoys board games, RPGs and martial arts.

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