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The ServInt Way

Managed hosting companies live and die by the quality of their hosting customer service. At ServInt, we’ve succeeded for 18 years because we always try our best, and our best is some of the best in the industry. No company can be perfect 100% of the time on every interaction, but that must be the goal.

We’ve written about hosting customer service quite a lot on the ServInt Source, but this time we thought you might find it interesting if we shared one of the short lessons we teach internally to help build customer advocates out of all our staff members. We just want to give you a little peek behind the curtain. We demand that everyone at ServInt give their best to the customer. How we teach them to do that is called “The ServInt Way.”

The ServInt Way


A ServInt employee should always:

Always be friendly.
Be nice to the guy next to you and the guy on the phone.

Always be polite.
Keep a respectful tone throughout the entire phone call, ticket or email.

Always be proactive.
Solve the issue when it is identified, and before it gets to be a bigger issue.

Always communicate.
Long issues need to be summarized for the next guy, and a project is not complete until the people who need to know are informed.

Always be articulate.
Realize that the customer’s native language might not be English so be articulate to give them the best chance of understanding you.

Always be positive.
You don’t have to always say “yes”, but you do need to frame the message positively.

Always strive to see things from the customer’s point of view.

A ServInt employee should never:

Never be afraid to ask for help.
Sometimes escalation is the best course of action.

Never be lazy.
If it takes 25 words to express a thought clearly, don’t send a rushed 15 and say “good enough.”

Never be afraid to get on the phone.
Often, tougher issues can be resolved more quickly that way.

Never let a mistake go without learning from it.
We are not perfect and we will fail on occasion. Only if we learn from our mistakes can we continually improve.

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  1. And that is one major reason some of us have been here nearly 10 years. We also know from dealing with our own customers it is easier said than done and ServInt does an exemplary job of it. Thank you ServInt management and staff.
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