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Tips for Hosters #1: Agency and The DMCA

A large number of our clients are hosting companies themselves – people who take our hosting services and resell them in one capacity or another. One of our most popular resources is ServInt’s private customer forums. In there, providers can look for tips on what others are doing, what seems to work well and what to avoid. Candid discussions that people wouldn’t feel comfortable having in public can occur within our private forum, which is nice.

Over the years, our forums have become filled with helpful tips for providers – things to help them as they build their businesses. I thought it might be nice to periodically share a few tips over here in the blog.

Today we’ll start with a short and easy one – something that may be common knowledge for some but that could prove invaluable to those unfamiliar with it.

Go protect your U.S. rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by setting up your designated agency here:

No matter what you host, IF you host it is likely that you will one day experience a copyright complaint about a customer. By establishing your agency, and then learning DMCA notice and takedown procedures, you are equipping yourself with the tools necessary to deal with problems should they arise. By following the link provided here, reading and following the procedures detailed, you will have laid the foundation to address copyright problems, should they arise, swiftly and legally.

This is just a quick tip, providing one important piece of dealing with the potential administrative issues that can arise when you are involved in U.S. based hosting. This is not intended to be formal legal advice. If you don’t fully understand your rights and obligations under the law, contact a lawyer. All I’m saying here is that if you’re a hoster and you haven’t considered your legal obligations regarding copyright infringement, take a moment to read about ISP obligations under the DMCA, and make sure to set up your agency.

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