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What Makes ServInt Different?

Hi. I’m Reed Caldwell, founder and CEO of ServInt. I’d like to spend a few moments telling you what I believe makes ServInt different from, and better than, its competitors.

When you launch an online business, you put days, weeks, months — often years — into building your enterprise. Once your hard work is done, and you’re ready to flip the switch to show it to the world — all too often, that’s when you think about which company should host it. I acknowledge that we can seem like an afterthought. All our clients want is peace of mind; to be able to “set it and forget it.”

And that’s what we offer. But providing peace of mind isn’t easy. Peace of mind requires trust. And trust is earned.

Trust comes from knowing your host puts your interests above the pursuit of profit. We’re not a non-profit enterprise, but we are privately held (by me and my employees), and we don’t answer to investors who put short-term earnings ahead of long-term stability.

Trust comes from hearing your friends and colleagues tell you that you’ve made the right choice. Even now, nearly 20 years after I founded this company, the majority of our new business comes from referrals from happy customers.

Trust comes from knowing you’re working with a company that fights for sensible Internet governance and meaningful privacy protections, for all our customers. Which we do. A lot.

Trust comes from knowing that you’re working with the best and brightest in the web hosting industry — so when you’ve got a problem, you know you’re working with people who will fix it promptly and properly.

Trust comes from knowing you’re using the only cloud hosting platform that provides you with to-the-minute accounting of precisely how many critical server resources are being allocated to you, and how you’re using them.

So, yes — it all boils down to trust. We host literally millions of web sites, from mom-and-pop startups to multi-million-dollar global enterprises, in more than 100 countries, in every corner of the globe. These businesses include designers, developers, bloggers, online communities, retailers, trade associations, charities, churches, schools, governments, entertainers, politicians, doctors, lawyers… the list is truly endless. You couldn’t imagine a more diverse community. But they do have one thing in common: they trust us. They trust us to keep their business up and running, no matter what. And that’s what we do, better than anybody else.

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Reed Caldwell — CEO, ServInt

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