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Which LiteSpeed Licensing Tier Should I Choose?

In a previous blog post, we talked about how LiteSpeed can improve your page loading times, double the capacity of Apache servers, and help keep site visitors browsing your website. In this post, we’d like to address one of the more common questions we receive from our clients concerning which licensing option is right for their usage.

Before getting too far down the licensing discussion path, we’d like to address a common misconception: that the number of cores your server has access to needs to match the number of CPUs that are part of your LiteSpeed package. It’s important to know that this is rarely the case.

In fact, unless you’re supporting an extremely high number of simultaneous web requests, most servers require a 2-CPU license or less.

The number of CPUs included in a license simply denotes how many of your server’s processor cores LiteSpeed is able to utilize. In most cases, LiteSpeed will run efficiently and have a noticeable impact when running on far fewer cores than what you have available. The exact number will be dependent on the type of content you’re serving (static vs dynamic). Usually though, unless your site receives more than 2,000 concurrent web requests it’s unlikely you’ll need more than a 2 CPU license.

Please note, concurrent requests is not the same as simultaneous site visitors. 20,000 simultaneous visitors might generate 2,000 simultaneous requests, but they aren’t all generating requests at the same time.

When there is a case where a larger number of CPU threads will be needed, an additional question will sometimes arise, “How does the licensing work with hyperthreaded CPUs?” The answer is simple: hyperthreads do not count toward your total CPU count. Instead, you only need to purchase the CPU license package that matches the number of physical cores on your server.

By purchasing a smaller tier licensing package, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year – while still experiencing all the benefits LiteSpeed provides on your page loading times and web server capacity.

It’s also worth noting, upgrading and downgrading LiteSpeed licensing is a quick and seamless process. So, there’s no harm in starting small, and scaling up your licensing as necessary.

We hope this information helps make your licensing decision easier, but if you’re still not sure which tier of LiteSpeed is right for you, please feel free to contact our sales team. They will be happy to help you determine which licensing package is perfect for you and your business.

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