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Why “Having It Your Way” Could Mean Receiving Less Than The Best

If you go to an A&W restaurant and order a root beer you might notice something kind of odd — they don’t serve ice in their drinks. It’s not just that they’ve run out, they have a policy of not carrying ice in their restaurants. They are really proud of their root beer, and they want it presented at the right temperature with just the right flavor to make it perfect. They don’t want it watered down. They want it to taste just as they intend it to every time. For most, that means a great root beer experience. For some who really like ice in their drinks it’s a deal breaker. At the end of the day, you can’t have it “your way” — you can have it the way their experts have decided provides the best customer experience.

This frequently holds true in other industries as well, including web hosting. A managed cloud service is a support product. You pay to have access to experts, who know how to make a home on the Internet successful. Because no one can be an expert on everything, this means limitations. These experts strive for perfection, which sometimes means telling customers they can’t “have it their way” and still expect expert support.

The experts aren’t doing this to be combative. They simply know their areas of expertise, know how to provide the best experience, and know that implementing a change outside their area of expertise threatens to derail it! An expert worth his salt has to be able to tell a person “no”. Those who don’t risk overreaching, providing substandard support and potentially making the wrong decisions when an issue crops up. You don’t get to be the best-of-breed provider by being a jack of all trades and master of none — you get there by defining your product and making it as good as it can be.

ServInt has made its reputation over two decades providing trusted web hosting services to companies that have something to accomplish online. We’ve helped people build and scale their businesses on our infrastructure. While we offer an open platform that provides people the freedom to do what they want, there are always limitations. Our Acceptable Use Policies outline a bunch of stuff you can and cannot do on our infrastructure. Some of the limitations are meant to prevent negative effects on the rest of our network (such as preventing IPs from being blacklisted), but others are just bad practices. We’ve learned what is and isn’t successful, and we want to keep you successful.

ServInt has built the most trusted place in the Cloud, and in doing so have figured out some best practices for achieving stability, security and uptime online. We want to give you the perfect experience, and sometimes that means not being afraid to say “no”. We know that just like there are people who demand ice in their drinks, our decisions aren’t going to fit everyone — but that’s ok.


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